New 'Old Friends'

Posted on Sun Sep 20th, 2020 @ 8:49pm by Commander Gregory Watney & Lieutenant Frenda Seivelun

Mission: Episode 1: New Toys to Play With
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0900

Lieutenant Frenda Seivelun, a petite blonde haired woman just turned thirty sighed as she was hanging up her clothes into the wardrobe of her quarters. Her new assignment, the Chief Engineer of the SS Ceres, Starfleets newest starship was one she had worked hard for. For the last two weeks she had been on vacation on Earth between her assignments, much needed down time as she'd been in space for numerous years.

She had brought not just her uniform but several of her personal civilian clothes too. She picked up one item which she had worn not three days ago. The smooth cloth of the black cropped shirt which when worn exposed her midriff and belly button was always nice to run through her fingers. Being from a cold country in Europe, she didn't usually wear such clothing. However since staying in the hot climate of San Francisco, especially on vacation it had been much cooler and easier to wear.

This shirt reminded her of that night a few days ago. Her memories were still blurred, most likely from the consumption of vast amounts of alcohol. She had decided to go out celebrating in this shirt in downtown San Francisco. At the time her outfit was considered cute, this cropped shirt, a pleated navy blue skirt and beret. She had managed to actually pull a nice looking guy that night. She vaguely remembers him buying her some drinks, she of course returned the favour. They also danced together. The last thing she remembers about that night was kissing him outside the back door to the bar, only to wake up naked as a baby in her own bed the next morning. She let out another sigh, she wasn't sure if she took him home, had sex with him and he snuck out later, or if she got home herself and just slept like that. It was all far too blurry.

She shook it off. No need to worry about that now. The communications panel on the wall by her door chimed.

"Lieutenant Seivelum" came the call. Wandering over she pressed her thumb against the reply button.

"Seivelum here"

"Lieutenant. Our new Captain is due to come aboard. You're on pick-up. Apparently he wants his new chief engineer to give him a visual tour of the exterior of the ship in an inspection pod. There's one waiting for you at airlock three".

Frenda sighed. "Understood. I'm on my way". She zipped up her uniform and gave one glance back at the shirt she had been holding. She'll put it away later. She left her quarters en route to the airlock where the inspection pod was waiting for her.

Greg watched as the inspection pod docked at the airlock. He looked down at his PADD to read a message that came in from an engineering team from the ship. Another sensor report. It was a long range sensor test. Came back almost perfect. The doors opened and he looked up to see a blonde woman in the blue jumpsuit with a red stripe. She somehow looked familiar to him. Then it hit him. It was her. From the bar. Was this... He looked back down to his PADD and pulled up the personnel file of his Chief Engineer, and there she was. Oh shit. He thought to himself.

"Hello... Lieutenant." Is all he could say right now, without stumbling over his words.

Frenda stood there staring at the man. She stumbled back a few steps obviously caught off guard. "Erm..." she said. "Commander... Watney? Gregory?" she asked breaking protocol. But this was the man she had been with in that bar just a few days ago. "Well..." she paused. "This is awkward..." she muttered to herself under her breath.

"Yes. Commander... Gregory Watney..." He glanced down at the PADD, "Lieutenant.... Fredna Seivelun... my Chief Engineer..." The bearded commander looked back up at her, "Nice... nice to see you again..." Greg said as professional as he could. What were the odds of this. I mean seriously, what were the odds. "I take it you are my Chief of Engineering."

"Yes. Nice to see you again. Although, I didn't know you were in Starfleet" Frenda replied softly, she blushed as she looked up into the mans face. "And yes, I am the chief engineer of the SS Ceres" she explained to him. She motioned with an arm to the docking port. "I'm here to take you to the ship" she told him.

Taking a few step, Greg stopped halfway through the docking port, "You never asked." He took one of the seats in the small two-seated pod. It gave a great view of ships, but they were tight. Greg was tall, so he never really liked these pods, but they were efficient. The man watched as the woman took her seat next to him. He rubbed his knees in excitement, "I love this part." He was trying to avoid the subject at the bar, but he knew eventually they would have to talk about it... with her being his subordinate and all.

"Neither did you..." Frenda replied simply as she slid into the adjacent chair and closed the hatch. She powered up the small pods systems. Tapping at the small communications panel she gained permission to depart. The small pod shook slightly as it detached from the side of the space station. Frenda took the control sticks and slowly pulled away heading towards one of the dry docks where Starfleet ships were being built or repaired.

"It'll take a few minutes to get to the Ceres" she said as she reached up above her and checked the fuel of the pod as well as setting the course. "She's a beautiful ship Commander..." she also wanted to avoid the subject, not that she wasn't curious to how their encounter had ended, but right now it didn't seem approriate, although it was nagging in her mind.

"That she is." Gregory looked at the ship as she slowly got closer. The tension was building in the small pod. They both knew what it was and were both trying hard to avoid the subject. "NX-refit. Only the Enterprise and the Columbia have received this upgrade. The ceres is the first brand new refit model without being the original NX." He paused for a moment. "We planned to have her as an NX, but with the new shielding system, sensor array, and quad phase canon, they needed the extra room. So the secondary hull was added."

"Don't forget the warp six engine" Frenda added. The pod banked in space, coming up slowly on the Ceres. She sat in her dry dock floating in space, all lit up brightly by the dry docks lighting. "There she is..."

Greg's eyes widened and a smile crept across his face. He scooted forward as close as he could to the view port to get a better look. The commander's grey eyes sparkled as the ship got closer. Though he had seen it many times, this time all of the hull plating was on, the name and the NX number were on the ship. S.S. Ceres NX-10 It was beautiful. "yes...." Is all he said to the warp six engine.

Frenda couldn't help but smirk as she piloted the pod around. "So.... erm... Sorry to ask but" she paused blushing as she looked away. "How did that night... you know... end?" she managed to ask nervously as she ducked the pod under the Ceres's saucer to inspect the new main navigational deflector on the front of the new secondary hull.

There is was. That night. He looked at the navigational deflector and marveled, "Ummm...." Greg sat back into the chair. He ran his hand through his hair, "...from what I remember... we were out back, then we went back in took more shots of tequila... I think we may have danced some more, then I had to leave. I had to report here the next morning. Thank god for our medical technology with the cure for hangovers. Why do you ask?" He turned and looked at the blonde woman in the adjacent seat.

Frenda didn't reply for a few seconds as the information went through her mind. She wasn't going to admit to him that she woke up the next morning not knowing if they'd 'done it' or not. "Doesn't matter. My mind was just fuzzy. Sorry... Commander"

Greg nodded. She probably blacked out. He thought to himself. "Can you stop the pod for a minute." He said suddenly.

The pod slowed as Frenda brought it to a stop. "Something you want to look at?" she asked curiously.

"No." He shifted in his seat and looked at her. Her eyes locked with his, "Lieutenant. Something happened at that bar. If I would have known you were my new Chief Engineer I wouldn't have done anything. So as your CO, I have to say thing. Nothing else can happen. We could get in trouble."

Frenda stared into his eyes for a few moments before dropping them down to the console screen. "I understand" she replied simply. "I wasn't aware that Starfleet had regulations regarding that sort of stuff" she paused as she slowly raised her gaze to look back at him. "Although, I'll have to admit. You're pick up lines weren't that good you know..." she said with a smirk. Why did this feel like a breakup crossed with a rejection. She wasn't sure, but she knew that this was probably the best time to talk about it.

"More discourage it. We wouldn't get dismissed or discharged, but would probably get a slap on the wrist." Greg said clarifying what he was told to say in his Command training, though it made it tough being the CO for this reason. "...Well, guess I will have to work on my lines. Must have been the mozzarella sticks then." He looked forward again as a smile crossed his face.

"No I don't think so" Frenda replied as she tapped away at the helm console. "The mozzarella sticks had nothing to do with it. Now the tequila... thats a different story" she explained giving him a slight wink.

Pursing his lips Greg nodded. "That would do it. I just like mozzarella sticks." He watched for a moment as they inspected other parts of the ship. The nacelles, which were dark at the moment, but would glow blue with orange bussard collectors when the warp core was activated. "So Lieutenant." He finally broke the silence, "Besides tequila and random men at bars, what else do you do?"

"I look after warp reactors" Frenda replied simply with a slight smirk.

Of course.... Greg thought to himself. He glanced over and saw the smirk and he started chucking, "How see how this going to be."

Frenda glanced over at the Commander. "What do you mean by that?" She asked in a confused tone.

Shrugging, the commander tried to keep things professional, “Just making an observation Lieutenant.” Greg said as he kept looking out the viewport at the ship, “I think they missed a spot.” He pointed to a bar metal piece, “Gotta look good for the Romulans.”

"Why don't we just paint the ships black. They'll be harder to see..." Frenda replied sarcastically. "Instead we go for the approach" she added as she looked at the panel. It needed a bit of a touch up, but it wasn't anything major. She piloted the inspection craft higher over the nacelles. They were currently grey and dark, the ships warp reactor had yet to be brought online again since the ships initial warp tests.

"I'll be bringing us in shortly" she explained.

Greg shrugged, "I am not sure. Maybe because Starfleet was originally for exploration. We really don't want to hide." He said as the pod moved over the nacelles.

Frenda shook off the thought as they approached a docking port. She swung the pod around and reversed it neatly sliding it into the port. There was a quick shudder as they docked. ."Docking complete... erm..." she paused. "Between us, how do we play this whole 'I know her from not picking her up in a bar whilst we were both drunk' thing?" She asked.

Greg thought for a second. He hadn't thought about that. He knew that they couldn't just play it off, and he knew that he didn't want to just flaunt it around the ship. He turned to face her, "I my eyes we did nothing wrong. So I don't think we have to hide it, but I also don't think that we should it spread around. But that's just my opinion." Greg shrugged, "If someone asks, we just tell them."

"Fine by me... sir" she indicated to the door for him to lead the way.

Greg stood up and onto the deck of the ship. "Captain on deck!" He heard as personnel lined the corridor of the ship by the docking port. "At ease." Greg said holding up his hand. They all stared at him, like he was supposed to say something profound. He felt a lump in his throat as all the eyes stared at him. "Let's get the ship underway. Continue with your assignments." The crew dispersed. Turning around to the Engineer, "I couldn't think of what to say."

Friends smirked. "I'll be in the engine room. We've still got plenty to get on with before we launch. I'll...see you later..." sge hesitated. "You know... if you want to of course" she said blushing before scurrying off quickly down the corridor.

Before he could reply, she was gone. Greg wasn't sure where this was going, but at least they weren't on bad terms. He strode off to find his quarters that were just around the corner on this deck. His stuff should already be there, and he wanted to start unpacking. There were some plants that he needed to get out of the crates and out on the shelf and under a light. He strode off in the direction of his quarters.