Admirals, Romulans, and Nerves... Oh my!

Posted on Sun Sep 13th, 2020 @ 6:17pm by Rear-Admiral Amos Leslie & Commander Gregory Watney
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Mission: Episode 1: New Toys to Play With
Location: Earth Orbital Platform, Adjunct CO's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0800

The ship sat at a distance from the shipyard. The Commander sat in his office facing the window that looks out of his office. He was due to go over and do the final inspection before they leave in two days. The Romulans weren't going to wait for the ship to get done. The war was new, who knows how long it was going to go. The S.S. Ceres was one of the new NX Class refits, that was being launched. She was originally planned to be an NX, but when they chose her to sport all the new experimental technology, they decided to upgrade her into the refit model.

Spinning back to his desk, Commander Gregory Watney grabbed his next PADD and looked at it. Another report from the drydock, showing the specs of the new sensor dish they put in. Sensors were Greg's specialty, so he was very familiar with the read out. After looking it over, he set it back down and grabbed his mug of coffee and took a sip. The chime on his door rang, "Come in." Through the door, a grey haired Admiral entered.

"Hello Commander."

Greg stood to his feet, "Admiral Leslie."

"At ease." The Admiral said moving to a chair and taking a seat. "You excited to get under way?"

"Yes sir I am." Greg said retaking his seat. He poured a mug of coffee for the Admiral and heading it to him, who graciously accepted. "I am just going over my last minute reports. I am planning on going aboard today. I already have my quarters packed up, and the Quartermaster should have them on a ship soon."

The Admiral took a sip of his coffee, "Well that's good. You going to be able to leave when you are scheduled too?"

"Yes sir we are." Greg said taking a sip of coffee, "We will try not to scratch the paint on our way out.” Just thinking about it was making Greg nervous. Making it hard for him to concentrate on the reports. He had done the Command Training Program a year ago, when Starfleet asked him to take command of the Ceres. The one thing his instructors always told him was that these classes wouldn’t prepare them for the actual chair. That class is what got him the the gold striped uniform rather than his teal from the sciences division. The admiral’s voice broke him from his thought.

“Well I hope not. I want the Romulan’s to be scared by the shiny new ship coming at them. Maybe they will even show their faces.” Admiral Leslie said with a chuckle. “I saw that you had approved the transfer of a Helm Officer.”

Commander Watney nodded, “Yes sir. Lieutenant Junior Grade Evenly Cogley. She has a great service record and some recommendations from her previous COs. I thought it was a good place to start.” He grabbed a PADD and pulled up her profile.

“Yes. That’s her name. From what I have seen, she is a decent pilot.” Admiral Leslie said. “Now onto more serious business.” The Admiral set down his mug, “We don’t usually put Commanders in charge of ships, especially new ones or as big as the NX or her refit, but I have faith in you. Once you get some experience in the chair, there is a great possibility of gaining that next pip.” The grey haired Admiral signalled to Greg’s chest.

“Yes sir. I understand.”

“Good!” Amos Leslie slapped his knees, “I will let you get back to it Commander. I will show myself out.”

“Thank you Admiral.” Greg said standing as the Admiral left. The tall Commander let out a big breath. He didn’t realize he was even holding it. His hands were shaking a little and his heart was pounding. The computer on his desk chimed a new message. Reaching down, he opened the message which said that his belongings were transported to the Ceres, and were already in his quarters. He let out the breath he was holding again and looked out the window to the ship that he was about to take into the war.