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Lieutenant Alexander Berkel

Name Alexander Efrayim Berkel

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Nickname 'Alex'

Physical Appearance

Height 6.1
Weight 173
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Alexander is slender and fit. He’s a doctor, so while he’s fit and keeping up with Starfleet standards, he’s not exceptionally well trained. He keeps his hair short, and it curls naturally. His complexion is pale, and his eyes green. He never wears a beard, preferring a close shave.


Father Dr. Mattias Berkel – GP
Mother Prof. Laura Berkel – Biologist.
Sister(s) Dr. Sarah Berkel – OB/GYN.
Other Family Grandparents, a couple of aunts and uncles, and two nieces


Quarters Deck 5 - Officer's Quarters
Security Code Berkel-Beta-Epsilon-53013
Computer Access Level Level 7
Primary Shift; Secondary Shift Alpha; Beta

Personality & Traits

General Overview Berkel is calm and level-headed, he’s an extrovert, who likes and trusts other people unless proven untrustworthy. He’s competent and reliable and very curious about people and the universe. He’s also a bit of a workaholic, especially when he’s deep in a medical problem he’s trying to solve.

He's a pacifist at heart, and he's stubborn especially in regard to unnecessary health risks of the people around him. He became a doctor because he wants to help people, and while he doesn't believe he's going to personally fix every illness there is, he's going to put his absolute best into any case he comes across.

Aside from his love for science, his mother gave him her love for cooking, and he misses it when on a spaceship. Moreover, his creativity finds an outlet in drawing, though he’s by no means a professional.

Having a fairly calm temper, medical malpractice, carelessness, and endangerment of others are some of the things that get his blood boiling.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligence
+ Friendliness
+ Curiosity
+/- Stubborn
- Not very physically strong
- Blunt when he’s cross
- Workaholic
Ambitions Short-run: Helping people, exploring the stars

Long term: Growing old, preferably with a partner
Hobbies & Interests - Medicine
- Old TV series
- Reading books
- Alien culture, their medicine, and biology, but also their sociology and history

Personal History Alexander Berkel was born on July 13th, 2119, in Berlin, Germany, three years after his sister, Sarah. The parents divorced shortly after, and the two siblings lived mainly with their mother. They grew up close to her and to each other. Both parents being scientists, Berkel’s love for biology and science was almost a given, and he knew very young that he’d like to go the scientific route. His family’s encouragement to explore the world only kindled his curiosity, and he grew up an outgoing and adventurous child who loved to meet new people. Berkel grew up with equal part Jewish and not Jewish neighbours and schoolmates, and aside from times like Christmas and other Christian holidays, he never felt like he stood out. He’s not sure how much he believes in God, and he considers faith something fairly personal. While he doesn’t mind talking about it, he doesn’t push the subject. He likes the holidays and religious festivals, but it’s mainly for the family time and the food.

In his mid-teens, he decided to become a doctor. Joining Starfleet is the best spur of the moment decision he’s ever made. While he was sad to leave his family and often miss them while he’s out on duty, he loved the opportunities for studying and exploring Starfleet offered. Choosing a medical speciality was hard, but he decided on general surgery, summarizing it would serve him best once posted.

He applied and was accepted into Starfleet at 18, in 2137. Graduating in 2142, he spend his Ensign years as a medical officer on the Titcaca, a small exploratory vehicle with a top speed of warp 2, spending his time treating the minor or major injuries one would expect from such an early time of space exploration, and gaining experience in the daily running of Sickbay. Advancing to Lt. Junior Grade, he remained on the Ticaca, as she was outfitted with a warp 3 engine, and send on longer missions.

After graduating in 2142, and starting his medical residency, Berkel married Bravon Morris, a San Franciscan historian, who was not a member of Starfleet. They made it work for a few years, Berkel going home as often as his duties allowed. They divorced in 2143, finding out they were not a good match.

He specialized in General Surgery, and spend most of his residency on the USS; S.S. Titicaca. Serving on the S.S; Lewis and the S.S; Homer in the late 40’s and early 50’s as a full Lieutenant, gave him more direct experience with running a sickbay during and after a run-in with hostile aliens. He was not on earth during the Xindi attack, but the Homer was called home to offer support and medical assistance.
Service Record 2137-2142 ~ Cadet: Starfleet Academy
2142-2144 ~ Ensign, Medical Resident: Starfleet HQ
2144-2147 ~ Ensign/Lieutenant JG. Medical Resident; S.S. Titicaca
2147-2150 ~ Lieutenant JG. – Medical Officer; S.S, Lewis
2150-2155 ~ Lieutenant – Medical Officer; S.S, Homer
2155- ~ Chief Medical Officer; S.S. Ceres