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Major Quinten Brody

Name Quinten Brody

Position Detachment Commander

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Nickname 'Quint', 'Brody', 'Thrasher'

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 215
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A sturdy 6'1" man, Quinten has functional strength. Short brown hair is well kept, close to the scalp. Deep blue eyes and scruff adorn his broad face. He doesn't look like the typical soldier, but that's probably because he isn't your typical soldier. He is almost always seen in his crisp, clean duty uniform.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Robert Brody (deceased)
Mother Deborah Brody (deceased)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family deceased


Quarters Deck 5 - Officer's Quarters
Security Code Brody-Omicron-Beta-47612
Computer Access Level Level 7
Primary Shift; Secondary Shift Alpha; Gamma

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quinten is one of those guys who never quite fit in. No siblings, small family, and relatively sheltered from the real world, he never really caught onto the more intricate aspects of society. He always trusted each person he met, even total strangers, believing they would be their absolute best self. The military quickly showed him this was not the case.

Quint became more aware of his surroundings and began to understand the world, and galaxy, a little better. If not for familial duty, he would have continued living his pollyanna life. But now? He is motivated to show his family and everyone that redemption is not out of reach for anyone.

Using his training in the MACO, he can promote peace, albeit by force if necessary. He isn't your standard trigger happy soldier, resorting to de-escalation techniques first. A tribute to his mother's teachings, Brody will only harm if choosing not to act would result in casualties. This may go against his training but it has made him an excellent commander. He has employed numerous counter tactics that has resulted in fewer MACO casualties than any other commanding officer of a detachment.

Outside of his duties, Quinten enjoys physical activity (such as playing various sports and games) and viewing his favorite baseball team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. On a good day, you can see him enjoying various device and card based games with his soldiers.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Values opinions and suggestions of soldiers under his command
+Physical strength
+Quickly and accurately assess a tactical situation

+/-Willing to bend the rules when seemingly necessary

-Unwilling to follow strict orders that leads directly to confrontation
-Tunnel vision
-Sometimes isn't viewed as a true soldier by those he commands
Ambitions See complete peace among all races in the Galaxy
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
-Play Sports
-Play Leisure Games
-Play Device and Card Games
-Watch Brooklyn Dodgers

-Galactic exploration
-Trying unique foods

Personal History Quinten Brody was born April 8, 2119 in Los Angeles, California, North America to Robert and Deborah Brody. While his mom stayed home and taught Quinten through his teens, his dad carried on the 6th generation of being a part of the military. He was a kind and gentle father but stern and salty as a general. No matter what, they both wanted to protect Quinten and wished for him to never enter the military. But Quinten had a sense of duty to continue the legacy anyway.

In 2136 at the age of 17, Quinten joined the Military Assault Command Operations Academy in West Point, New York, North America. While training to become a MACO Officer, Quinten learned about all of Earth’s past conflicts, tactics that resulted in both failure and triumph, and what it takes to become a great leader. But Quinten didn’t like the options presented to him. He never liked to harm another individual and he continually questioned why he, or his family, ever wanted to be a part of the military in the first place. He set out to make sure he or anyone he commanded were never in a position where harming another living being was the primary solution. Quentin spent most of his spare time studying on all the previous Earth governments and their responses in tactical and combat situations. He began to develop a sense for better de-escalation techniques and quickly outmatching the opponent to guarantee a single shot would never be fired. Though he came to realize that force may be necessary in some circumstances, it was a pill he was willing to swallow, for the greater good of all living beings.

He graduated in 2140 and was quickly assigned to Jupiter Station for additional training. There he learned advanced techniques in projectile and zero gravity combat. After his two years of training were completed, he was transferred to Luna Station in 2142 upon given the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Spending two more years training at Luna gave him a wealth of knowledge for surviving in the harshest environments the galaxy could offer. No doubt he would be able to use this to help other life forms. In 2144 he was transferred to Janus Loop, for the most advanced combat training MACO provides. Combat during space walks, EV suit melee and projectile techniques, and EV suit systems training were the primary focuses. Exiting this training in 2146, Quinten achieved the rank of Captain and was given his first true assignment.

Arriving on the SS Arcadia, a beautiful Strider Class, Captain Brody met the six men and women under his command. They were all fresh from the academy and he didn't quite know what to do with them. No amount of training could ever prepare him for the first-time commanding others. Their lives were now in his hands and it was as much his duty to protect the citizens of Earth as it was his soldiers and the crew of this vessel. For five years, Brody commanded the best group of soldiers he could ask for. Their young minds absorbed every detail of Quinten’s instruction. Though they hardly needed to be used, they trained daily, experimenting on new techniques and strategies they could employ. They named each one after a shark specie on Earth.

After those five years on the Arcadia, Captain Brody was reassigned to the SS Portland in 2151, a Ganges class that had just lost its MACO CO in an experimental training exercise. The transfer was made at dry dock and the Portland quickly set out to continue its mission. Stationed in the outer edge of Sol, the Portland was to defend the borders from insurgents. Though the role of the MACO detachment on a small vessel was questionable, it became evident it was absolutely required when they were surprise attacked by the Klingon. The Portland was disabled and a Klingon boarding party engaged the MACO unit. Thanks to the quick thinking of Quinten, the Klingon invaders were quickly dispatched. It was unfortunate that lives had to be lost that day, but the crew was glad the MACO were there. It was here that Captain Brody realized that there are necessary evils and even in the best of circumstances there are no win situations.

Part way through his assignment on the Portland, sensors indicated an unidentified craft had broken through the border on the opposite side of the system. It made its way to Earth and attacked the region known as Florida, North America. Quinten quickly grew concerned. Not just for the loss of life but the potential loss of his family. The family reunion was set to take place that very day and his parents had made the trip all the way from California for the first time in 20 years. News reached Quinten the next day – it was confirmed that his worst fears had been realized and he was alone in this great big expanse. He never got the chance to show his family just how much he’d grown and the advancements he was making in the MACO. His resolve to find peace and harmony, even if through force, intensified that day.

Two years pass and Captain Brody was given a promotion to Major and offered a new assignment, one that could very well turn the tides in humanity’s favor. He agreed to take the position on the SS Ceres, a new NX Class vessel, in 2156. Their mission in the Earth-Romulan War may not be clear to Quinten but that doesn’t matter. Any excuse to reach out and end the war, hopefully resulting in peace between the two species, is a worthwhile endeavor.
Service Record 2136-2137 -- Cadet -- West Point
2137-2138 -- Cadet -- West Point
2138-2139 -- Cadet -- West Point
2139-2140 -- Cadet -- West Point
2140-2142 -- 2nd Lieutenant -- MACO Jupiter Station Training Facility
2142-2144 -- 1st Lieutenant -- MACO Luna Station Training Facility
2144-2146 -- 1st Lieutenant -- MACO Janus Loop Training Facility
2146-2151 -- Captain -- MACO Detatchment - SS Arcadia (Strider Class)
2151-2156 -- Captain -- MACO Detatchment - SS Portland (Ganges Class)
2156-21?? -- Major -- MACO Detatchment - SS Ceres (NX Class)