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Lieutenant Commander Silas Shrike

Name Silas Grackle Shrike

Position First Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 52
Sexual Orientation Homosexual (Polyam)
Nickname 'Grackle'

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Gray (formerly black)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Grackle is a large bear of a man. He is of mixed ethnicity with a medium brown shade to his skin. Back in his prime he was known for his long flowing hair; while he had a curly beard his haired remained straight and lustrous. When age got the better of his flowing locks, he decided to just shave them all off; he would rather be bald than have subpar hair. He still keeps his thick, curly beard though it has turned entirely gray at the center and mostly gray at the edges. He has a wide face; full cheeks and a general jovial glimmer to his eye that might lead somebody into the misconception that he is a friendly, outgoing person (which he is not). While he is large and tall, not all of that mass is muscle, at least not anymore. Grackle is on the edge of being overweight.


Spouse Bella Marin (divorced, 52, professor of evolutionary biology)
Children Ursa Shrike (26, ensign on the S.S. Washington)
Father Earnest Shrike (78, retired farmer)
Mother Margo Shrike (deceased)
Brother(s) Timothy Shrike (56, farmer), Jules Shrike (54, farmer), Daryl Shrike (50, lobbyist)
Sister(s) Melody Shrike (53, teacher), Felicity Trust (50, author), Jenna Shrike (deceased, 22 at death, 3 years younger than Grackle)


Quarters Deck 5 - First Officer's Quarters
Security Code Shrike-Zeta-Epsilon-09127
Computer Access Level Level 9
Primary Shift; Secondary Shift Alpha; Beta

Personality & Traits

General Overview Grackle is not an exceptionally friendly or pleasant person to be around unless you really know him. He is confident. He is competent. He is trustworthy. He obeys orders and always keeps a level head, but he generally acts a touch dispassionate about the other people on the ship and would be the first to bring up the pessimistic, cynical point of view. While he is always polite to his superiors, off duty he could best be described as “grumpy”. Mercy be to the man or woman who might try to wake up him early. He describes himself as lazy, but that is not true beyond his love for sleeping and eating. He does have a genuine passion for science, he likes teaching people with less experience than him, and he finds the most efficient way about any task. But he’s not going to add bells and whistles, and he’s not going to sugarcoat things. Frankly, he can be rather blunt.

Generally, Grackle is a man of few friendly words. He has a soft spot for kids, and a very general definition of the term kid. Any ensign trying to learn something about the ship or do science? A kid. And he loves helping kids learn. In his rare good moods, he tends to have very flowy language, full of metaphors that can catch even his old acquaintances off guard. To his closer friends he might show bit of endearing softness; which seems even kinder than it is in contrast to everything else. Behind his shell he has an almost child-like passion for space and biology and is really proud of his daughter. And if he is commanded to talk nice to people, he can. In fact, some people have the suspicion that Grackle keeps up this persona on purpose; like he saw the stereotype of a grumpy old man and decided to make that a model for himself, growing closer and closer to it each year.

Despite those rough edges around the corners of his personality, Grackle is a competent officer. You would be hard pressed to find an officer with more experience than him. He is quick to make decisions and in firm in such decisions. He knows science, and he knows his way around a ship. He is good at teaching people and can recognize when to stop pushing them. After getting used to a crew, his pessimism takes on an endearing tone. Those rough edges are what keep him from being promoted to Captain – and frankly, he is a bit past his peak. He used to a more jovial, physically fit person than he is now.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligence
+ Experience
+ Decisiveness
+/- Size
- Demeanor
- Pessimism
- Lack of ambition
Ambitions Grackle says his one ambition in life is to retire to a nice little farm back on earth where he can grow fat and complacent without having to worry about all this space stuff. He will describe, in detail, those plans for retirement. To be honest, he doesn’t actually mean any of them and he makes no significant plans to actually get to that “retirement”. Here in the stars is where he wants to be; he has no further ambitions than to see the next scientific discovery. In fact, he has more ambition about his daughter’s Starfleet career than his own.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
-SCIENCE in all shapes and forms
-Breeding songbirds. He keeps a small colony of finches in a cage in his quarters and while he says he just keeps them around for certain experiments when needed (which he will use them in) he finds it fascinating to try and breed them for different traits.
-Artificial selection & domestication

Personal History Grackle grew up on a farm in New Mexico. As much as he liked the farm, so did his brothers. With them taking care of the farm and set up to inherit it, Grackle had a lot of spare time to turn his interests elsewhere. He had a close friend named Bella with whom he spent most of his childhood. She was obsessed with the concept of aliens; not just in a childish, casual way. She wondered about how they evolved, what forces drove their civilizations to be how they were, all that good stuff. Grackle himself just sort of tagged along. Together they made fantasies about exploring the galaxy; with Grackle in charge of the more mechanical science aspects of it and her just in it for the discovery. Even as Bella’s interests shifted towards the creatures already on Earth, Grackle’s eyes never fell from space. Those were the happiest days of his life. Him, Bella and his little sister Jenna had their own little group and all their childish promises. He was the brains; Jenna was the daredevil and Bella was their authority.

As the three grew older, they started to drift apart. Bella and Grackle started dating; and Jenna, feeling left out, started growing further and further from her family, seeking more and more dangerous of thrills – maybe for her own joy, maybe to try to get her family’s attention again. Bella and Grackle ended up going to the same college; he studied general biology with a focus on exobiology and Bella studied evolutionary biology. She fell in love with academia; but Grackle didn’t. He never lost that childish desire to go to space. Neither did his sister. When he was 21, his sister joined the Earth Cargo Service. She was ambitious, nearly ruthless in her ambition and desire to get into space. Unlike her, Grackle took his time. He and Bella got married and moved in together. And then Jenna died. Her shuttle blew up. Just like that; she was fine one day and gone the next. Grackle really took it to heart; he always respected her but he saw this as sort of a warning to him from the world to not be too ambitious.

About that same time, Grackle realized he was gay. He and Bella were childhood friends; and in his naivete he had assumed that that platonic love was romantic. He told Bella such, and while they stayed married for simplicity’s sake, they were no longer a couple. While Bella continued to work in academia and he worked as a scientific support for the United Earth Space Probe Agency, Bella found quite a few new lovers. One of those, Tony, she was especially close to; and so was Grackle. Tony moved in with them and both Grackle and Bella dated Tony for a couple years before Bella became pregnant. As her parents did not really approve of Tony, Bella and Grackle played the act of normal, monogamous family for about a year. In reality, he did love the child, Ursa, as his own daughter. He always wanted a kid. Even when Bella and Tony finally ended up marrying each other instead, and Grackle and Tony drifted apart and broke up as Grackle left to join the new Starfleet academy, he still stayed close to Ursa. The girl grew up with two loving fathers and one loving mother and she ended up following in Grackle’s example and enrolling in Starfleet herself, many years later.

While those years weren’t quite as good as his childhood, not with his sister’s death lurking in every nightmare, those were still good years. Most of his years were. Grackle wasn’t one from a tragic past. He finally saw his hopes of space realized in a way that would suit his limited ambitious at the foundation of Starfleet Academy. He joined the first class (a fact that he would over everybody’s heads for until the end of time) and ended up with good grades, being a bit older than most of his peers and already with some experience about space. He was motivated, he was intelligent; but he was also a bit scared of going to far. His sister flew too close to the sun; he didn’t want his wings to be melted either.

When he finally got out into space it was all he had hoped for. He didn’t really have an exciting career, beyond the normal excitements. It was textbook. He was always a reliable officer. Slowly he became slightly more and more disillusioned with his life. What had been so scared of? Why had his sister followed a similar path and been punished with death? Those questions haunted him. As he rose in the ranks and moved from ship to ship he grew more and more cynical and pessimistic. Or maybe he just became who he had always been, once the novelty of it wore off. He was a scientist. He wasn’t here for war. He didn’t see why everybody didn’t just work together. This whole ordeal with the Romulans had him even more disappointed than normal. Surprisingly, he is a pacifist at heart.

Hopefully his time on the Ceres will open him back up to the wonders he had been so used to as a child; maybe it will let him come to peace with his sister’s death. But through it at least he will gain some friends to break through this shell of his.
Service Record 2130 – 2131 ~ Cadet Freshman Grade - Cadet; Starfleet Academy
2131-2132 ~ Cadet Sophomore Grade - Cadet; Starfleet Academy
2132-2133 ~ Cadet Junior Grade - Cadet; Starfleet Academy
2133-2134 ~ Cadet Senior Grade - Cadet; Starfleet Academy
2134-2136 ~ Ensign – Science Officer; S.S. Halcón
2136-2137 ~ Lieutenant Junior Grade – Science Officer; S.S. Halcón
2137-2137 ~ Lieutenant Junior Grade – Science Officer; S.S. Gila
2137-2139 ~ Lieutenant Junior Grade – Science Officer; S.S. Halcón
2139-2140 ~ Lieutenant Junior Grade – Science Officer; S.S. Washington
2140-2143 ~ Lieutenant – Science Officer; S.S. Washington
2143-2147 ~ Lieutenant – Science Officer; S.S. Valentina
2147-2150 ~ Lieutenant Commander – Chief Science Officer; S.S. Valentina
2150-2153 ~ Lieutenant Commander – First Officer/Science Officer; S.S. Valentina
2153-2155 ~ Lieutenant Commander – First Officer/Science Officer; S.S. Halcón
2155-21?? ~ Lieutenant Commander – First Officer/Science Officer; S.S. Ceres