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Lieutenant Frenda Seivelun

Name Frenda Seivelun

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Human
Species Female
Age 30
Sexual Orientation Hetreosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 98lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Frenda is very short, pale and lightly built Human female. Originally from Norway, she has long blode hair and sparkling blue eyes. She doesn't have much upper body strength, but has been known to moveqquickly due to her size. She usually keeps her uniform clean and tidy, and likes to look neat and professional. She doesn't mind getting dirty when needs be, but enjoys a good soak in the bath or when she can, a swim in a pool.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ole Seivelun
Mother Anita Seivelun
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Fremea Seivelun (Younger)
Other Family Grandparents on both sides.


Quarters Deck 5 - Officer's Quarters
Security Code Seivelum-Sigma-Beta-18510
Computer Access Level Level 7
Primary Shift; Secondary Shift Alpha; Delta

Personality & Traits

General Overview Frenda may be small and petite, but she is not to be crossed. She is an excellent engineer and can be good with people. She can be descriped as slightly ditzy at times, but when something does happen she can be very serious and dedicated. She hates to disappoint people, and enjoys her work.

She is humerous when not at work and enjoys cracking a joke when she can. She also enjoys talking about 'girly' things too. On duty however she is decicated to the job, she commands people very well. If made angry she can be considered a force to be reckoned with. However she can control her anger when ordered to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include:
+ Engineering Knowledge.
+ Quick on her feet.
+ Good with commanding people.
+ Small and petite, fits into crawlspaces easily.

Weaknesses Include
- Can be 'ditzy' at times.
- Not very physically strong.
- Can sometimes let her anger get the best of her.
- Doesn't do well with boys.
Ambitions Frenda's ambitions are a bit vague at the moment. She enlisted into Starfleet since she had always had an interest in technology. Now that she has made it through to Chief Engineer she is unsure as to what to aim for next. With the outbreak of the Earth-Romulan War, she wants to help defend her people and protect those who she values.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interests Include
+ Creating dolls from fabrics and wood.
+ Playing with engine componants.
+ Shopping
+ Swimming and relaxing by a swimming pool.

Personal History Born on the August 15th, 2126 in the Norwegian town of Vardo, Frenda was always a small child. With Vardo being in the very north of the country she was used to the cold and extreme climate. She was used to perids of the year being constant day light, or constant darkness due to the rotation of the earth and the seasons.

As a child she was often found messing around with some of the equipment used by her father. Her father was in service to the local council of the city, his job was to constantly clear the roads and pathways of fallen snow. Frenda became interested in the vehicles that were used and how they worked. This was the foundings of her becoming an engineer.

Frenda was often quiet and isolated, there were not many children like her. She was seen as a bit of an outcast as she was often tinkering with something somewhere. She did well in school, gaining good grades in the sciences and computer sciences. She also took the extra subjects of technology design which she excelled at.

At age eighteen in 2144 she was looking for somewhere to get a job. It came to her one night when she was sat on a hill overlooking the town staring up at the aurora known as the 'Northern Lights'. She had always wanted to find out what it was and how it occured, but then after seeing the stars as well she decided to see if she could get into space. Afterall, Earth had been rebuildings its 'Space Program' with a new establishment known as 'Starfleet'. However it was based in the United States of America, a long way from home.

She decided to try to put in for it. She managed to pass an entrance exam. Although her parents were a little dubious about it since many saw Starfleet as a space-military sort of establishment, Frenda was more looking forward to seeing how she could make a difference and see new exciting things. Therefore at age eighteen, she attended Starfleet Academy, a new school set up exclusively for the Starfleet Program.

After four years, Frenda had made a few select friends whom she still keeps in contact with today. At age 22 in 2148 she graduated the Academy at age 22. She graduated with her specialism in Starship Engineering and Damag Control. She had also heard rumours of a new starship being built, it was rumoured to reach an amazing speed of Warp Five, the fastest that any Human vessel had ever gone.

However, she was assigned as a Junior Engineer with the rank of Ensign to the Intrepid one of Starfleets Warp Two Class Starships. The Intrepid was mainly assigned around Earth to protect the Sol System, however did do a bit of scouting and made occassional trips to Vulcan.

Frenda spent three years on the Intrepid. When the new NX-01 Enterprise was launched in 2151, Frenda wanted to get aboard her as it could mean a promotion for her. However she wasn't successful at getting the transfer as they wanted the best of the best on Starfleets most advanced starship. However, she was promoted to Lieutenant on board the Intrepid and was assigned as the Assistant Chief Engineer during standard crew rotations.

In 2154, the Xindi attacked Earth and the Xindi War Began. Frenda had spent the last six years on the Intrepid. Luckily a position came available on another starship, the Poseidon which was a more advanced Starship than the Intrepid. The position was that of Chief Engineer.

She found running a department a good challenge. The Poseidon had many of the same technology that was found in the new NX Class Starships. With them being testbeds for much of the technology. However the Poseidon only was capable of Warp Four at a push. As Chief Engineer she loved working with her teams and keeping her ship going.

In 2155 the Coalition of planets was formed. Poseidon was placed on patrol duty around the shipping lanes of the Solar System. This was mainly to protect them from anyone who may disagree with the coalition. Although boring it was important as to also protect them from pirate activities. The Poseidon couldn't unfortunately assist with the incident regarding the Romulan Drone Ship.

After Two Years the Poseidon returned home for a refit. However a new starship, the SS Ceres was looking for a new crew. With it being one of the most advanced newest ships in the fleet, Frenda wanted to get her hands on it. She wanted to be in its engine room. She had heard it could reach amazing speeds such as Warp 6, maybe even 7.

When the Poseidon underwent a refit, Frenda put in for a transfer. She was overjoyed when it was accepted. She joined the crew of the SS Ceres as their new Chief Engineer.
Service Record 2144 - 2148 - Starfleet Academy
2148 - 2151 - Intrepid - Junior Engineering Officer - Ensign
2151 - 2154 - Intrepid - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant
2154 - 2156 - Poseidon - Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant
2156 - ???? - SS Ceres - Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant