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Lieutenant JG Evelyn Cogley

Name Evelyn Cogley

Position Chief Helm & Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Nickname 'Evie'

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 121
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Despite spending so many hours out in the sun, Evie had a generally pale complexion, with long, flowing red hair, more akin to a native of Ireland of old Earth, and not a frontier girl on a distant world. Her eyes were a clear, crystal blue, and her lips seemed to always curl into a smile. She as child of nature, and spent far more time outdoors under the light of multiple stars on the New Montana colony, lapping up the waves on the shores of Atlantis. Her body showed this, curves in all the right places with muscle under the skin. Her most distinguish factor was a tattoo that wrapped around her right thigh - a map of the contents of New Montana, with Atlantis, where she attended the Cochrane Institute, front and center. Evie was fond of piercings, and would often be seen sporting rings or studs in her nose, lips, and ears, as well as a bejeweled ring in her belly button that dangled a string of bright gems down, eye-catching and at odds with her pale complexion and general girl next door good looks. While on duty, most of the more visible studs were removed.


Spouse n/a
Children N/A
Father Thomas Cogley
Mother Dianne Cogley
Brother(s) numerous.
Sister(s) numerous.
Other Family an extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins.


Quarters Deck 5 - Officer's Quarters
Security Code Cogley-Mu-Sigma-10830
Computer Access Level Level 7
Primary Shift; Secondary Shift Alpha; Beta

Personality & Traits

General Overview For all her life, Evelyn was an adventurous girl. Raised on New Montana, one of the Alpha Centauri colonies founded by Lily Slone and Zephram Cochran himself, Evie was well aware that every step she took, every hill she climbed, was a testament to human progress and determination. She approached the world with wonder and a hearty sense of self confidence - some would go as far to say overconfident. The girl possessed a rampant wild streak and a rugged stubbornness, a deep seated pride that was common place in the pioneers of humanities first successful extra solar colony. Head strong and cocksure, and tempered in battle, she did her best to present a cheery, self assured persona to everyone around her, burying her fears deep deep inside.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Passionately devoted to her friends and family
+A class A pilot, Evie is at home behind the joystick of anything that flies
+Top grade bush craft/nature survival skills from growing up on a farm

-head strong to the point of bull headed stubbornness
-Has a tendency to leap before looking
-Can be manipulative
Ambitions To push the envelope of human exploration, to see what's over that next hill, or on that distant shore.

More concretely, to get back at the people that killed her friend when they destroyed the cargo ship she served on, and prevent further such assaults.
Hobbies & Interests Farming, Swimming, flying, ancient Earth Aircraft. Alpha Centauri History, cooking, starship operations, stellar navigation

Personal History Evelyn (Evie) Cogley was the third of seven children, and the eldest daughter of one of New Montana's oldest families. The Cogley's migrated to New Montana, a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, along with other early colonists such as Lily Slone and the Great Zephram Cochran himself. Her family settled in on the shores of Atlantis, one of the continents on the colony world. Cochran named the planet New Montana - the settled on the island, one of three major settlement, chose the name Atlantis. And the Cogley's were one of those first families.

Evie had an idyllic childhood, working her parents farm, going down to the coast in the afternoons to swim and bathe in the warm waters. The family plot was sprawling and large, acres and acres with one one around. Her closest neighbors were kilometres away, and the nearest town, nigh on 100km distant. It was as close to paradise as the family could ask for. She would attend classes during the winter seasons, and study at home during the planting and harvest. She loved being so close to nature, and even with six brothers and sisters, the girl managed to find plenty of time alone to herself, wandering the family lands.

She loved her home, dearly, but more so, she loved to fly. Studying at the Cochran institute afforded Evie the chance to fly shuttlepods and orbital craft, ferrying herself and other students to labs in orbit around the planet. It was a thrill, something that set her heart afire in ways she'd never experienced before. At 16, she saw her home planet from orbit, for the first time, and fell in love with the colony in a whole new way, and tugged at that sense of wanderlust and adventure that had consumed her childhood.

But it was the Nausicaans that finally drove her away from her home planet.

She didn't know who they were, at first. United Earth did not make offical first contact with the Nausicaans until 2151, but Nausicaans' had been raiding ECS ships for years by that point, hit and run tactics that either left ships crippled, or destroyed outright. One such attack brazenly hit a pair of cargo vessles just leaving the Alpha Centauri system. Aboard one of those ships was Evies childhood friend, Cara Thrace. Cara did not surive the attack, and the news was swift in getting back to the colony world. Where, Evie asked, were the ships supposed to protect such vessels? Why had no one stopped the raid? Without telling her parents, she stole their truck and motored down from the farm, to town. That morning, she pulled in, hopped out with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a copy of her transcript, and enlisted in Starfleet. Alpha Centauri considered itself an independent, headstrong colony, but its ties to the homeworld of human species were strong, and it was still officially under the banner of United Earth. The Earth based Starfleet was the closest thing Alpha Centauri had to a military force, beyond a smattering of small, intra-solar combat patrol ships that operated at high impulse, and a merchant marine fleet of warp - 2 & warp 3 capable freighters. If she was going to do something to help prevent the kind of horror that had just been visited upon her now dead friend, it wasn't going to happen by staying on New Montana.

Evie boarded one of those freighters, designated as a troop transport, for Earth, later that very same morning.

She would spend the next few years in an accelerated Academy tour, and graduate as an Ensign from Starfleet Academy, to be posted on one of the older [i]Ganges[/i]-class starships. Inferior in many ways to the NX class starships like [i]Enterprise[/i], or the still under construction [i]Columbia[/i] and [i]Atlantis[/i] (which she had tried to get posted to), this class of vessel had two things going for it. The first, it was much, much easier, and quicker, to produce than the streamlined NX class. And second, there were far more postings available to ships of this class than any other currently in the fleet. She was assigned as beta shift flight officer, and began her first tour of duty based in the Sol System. It wasn't the posting she'd craved, but it was a posting all the same, and soon she found herself on escort duties, where one or two of the small, delta shaped vessels would ride shot gun with a convoy of ECS ships out of the system. At lower warps than an NX class could manage, the trips were long excursions, but she completed her second 6 month round trip in time to return to Earth and accept a new posting aboard the recently commissioned [i] NV-01 Intrepid[/i], under the command of Captain Carlos Ramirez.

Evie was on hand the day that the [i]NX-01[/i] Enterprise returned to Earth in the wake of the Xindi assault. And she would serve on the Intrepid for the next two years, with distinction, in numerous engagements, as well as a few notable exploration achievements. While it wasn't an NX class vessel and didn't go nearly as far abroad as the likes of [i]Enterprise[/i] or [i]Columbia[/i], [i]Intrepid[/i] had its moments.

Eventually however, she would be posted back to one of the older Ganges vessels, this time the [i]SS Eberswalde[/i]. She took the posting for two reasons - firstly, because the ship was assigned to a patrol route around the Alpha Centauri system, giving her a chance to visit her family back home on leave. And second, because they offered her the spot of Alpha Ship Helm officer. Early in her career as she was, and still an Ensign, it was a chance she could not afford to pass up. Unfortunately it was a posting that would not last. The [i]Eberswalde[/i] was one of the early casualties in the opening salvos of the Earth - Romulan war, but Evie managed to help most of her crew escape, piloting the ship on one engine through the massive battle while injured, forced into temporary command after one explosive blast took out the ships Captain and XO.

After a forced R&R period for treatment of her injries, the veteran combat pilot returned to duty, receiving a promotion in rank, and a prime posting to one of the newest NX class starships, [i]SS Ceres[/i] (a current test bed vessel for new combat technology), as its Chief Helm Officer. Having faced off against Earth's newest enemy in combat during the opening act of the war, Evie was itching to get back into the fight and do what she could to push the Romulans away from United Earth and her allies and back under whatever interstellar rock the bastards had snuck out of.
Service Record 2151 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2151 - Assigned beta shift helm officer, SS Ganges
2153 - Assigned navigation officer, SS Intrepid
2155 - Assigned Chief Helm Officer, SS Eberswalde
2156 - Promoted to Lt. JG, positioned as Chief Helm Officer, SS Ceres.