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Commander Gregory Watney

Name Gregory Ronald Watney

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Nickname 'Greg'

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Greg is a tall, fit, handsome man. He stands roughly 6ft 4in tall, has a broad muscular chest, nice arms, and a flat stomach(sometimes a 6-pack). His brown hair is kept up in an short. His eyes are a piercing grey, and have a kind look to them. He generally sports a well kept beard.


Father Peter Watney - Human Resources, Earth Cargo Service; Sydney, Australia
Mother Dr. Rita Watney, Pcy.D. - Watney Mental Services
Brother(s) Dr. Joseph Watney, M.D. - Sydney Medical Center; Sydney, Australia, Earth (34)

Klein Watney - High School Math Teacher; Sand Diego High School; Sand Diego, California, Earth (30)
Sister(s) Samantha Tameron - Architect; London England (40)


Quarters Deck 5 - Captain's Quarters
Security Code Watney-Epsilon-Nu-01927
Computer Access Level Level 10
Primary Shift; Secondary Shift Alpha; Beta

Personality & Traits

General Overview Greg is a compassionate, smart, nerdy ma. He always puts others before himself, and made sure that others are taken care of. He has a stubborn side to him, which he got from his father, where he wouldn't budge unless he had too. If someone is threatening someone he cares about he will defend them with everything he has.

Greg is a natural introvert, and loves his alone time. He is able to relax and recharge by listening to music, reading a book, or working out. Though he is an introvert, he can be very out going. He loves to hang out with a few good friends and just talk.

He loves the outdoors. His favorite thing to do revolve around bodies of water. Long walks by the ocean, beach volleyball, sunbathing, hiking, swimming, or just relaxing. The sound of the water, whether roaring waves or a trickling stream, calmed him.

Greg has an Australian accent.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Keeps busy with tasks
+ takes orders well
+ Strong headed
+ Physically strong

+/- Stubborn

- He tends to spend along time looking into things
- Has a hard time making decisions.
- Tends to be groggy when woken up suddenly.
Ambitions He wants to retire from Commanding a starship to teach at the academy.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
-Working Out
-Reading Books
-Building Models

-Star Charts
-Physical Fitness

Personal History ==Pre-Starfleet==

Gregory was born in Sydney, Australia, Earth on March 5, 2118. He is the second born of four children, but is the oldest son. His father is the Human Resources Manager for the Earth Cargo Service base in Sydney and his mother is a counselor, who owns her own practice. Ever since Greg was a little boy, he had his eyes set on the stars. He would watch all of the new ship launches, test flights, interviews, whenever he could. He owned models, books, movies, and a bunch of stuff from tours that he took with his schools. As soon as he turned 17, he submitted his application for Starfleet, which had just been established in 2133. It was 2136, when he turned 18 and was able to actually attend. The day came and he would never be the same again.

==Starfleet Academy==

Greg entered the Starfleet Academy in 2136, only 6 years after the Academy started accepting applicants. His goal of the his future career in Starfleet was to become a science officer and one day command a starship. His enrollment counsellor that he should pursue a command or operations as those two divisions are geared more towards starship command. Greg was adamant about being in the sciences, so he did. He spent all four years earning his Bachelors of Science, Astrophysics.

==S.S. Washington==

His first posting was on the S.S. Washington as a Sensor Officer. This is where he would meet his future First Officer, Silas Shrike. Shrike took Greg under his wing.

==Advanced Survival Training==

==S.S. Belmont==

==S.S. Ceres==

==Starship Command School==

==S.S. Ceres==
Service Record 2136 - 2137 ~ Cadet Freshman Grade - Cadet; Starfleet Academy
2137 - 2138 ~ Cadet Sophomore Grade - Cadet; Starfleet Academy
2138 - 2139 ~ Cadet Junior Grade - Cadet; Starfleet Academy
2139 - 2140 ~ Cadet Senior Grade - Cadet; Starfleet Academy
2140 - 2142 ~ Ensign - Sensor Officer; S.S. Washington
2142 - 2145 ~ Lieutenant Junior Grade - Sensor officer; S.S. Washington
2145 - 2146 ~ Lieutenant - Science Officer; S.S. Washington
2146 - 2150 ~ Lieutenant - Science Officer; S.S. Belmont
2150 - 2151 ~ Lieutenant Commander- Advanced Survival Training
2151 - 2153 ~ Lieutenant Commander - First Officer/Science Officer; S.S. Belmont
2153 - 2155 ~ Lieutenant Commander - Senior Sensor Project Manager; S.S. Ceres
2154 - 2155 ~ Commander - Starship Command School
2155 - 21?? ~ Commander - Commanding Officer; S.S. Ceres