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Awards Time!

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 7:18pm by Commander Gregory Watney
Edited on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 7:20pm

Hello crew of the S.S. Ceres! It is that time of the month that we are getting ready for awards!

I am again asking you guys to vote for Crew's Choice Award for the month of November! Use this link to vote for your choice for the Crew's Choice Award! Please cast your vote by November 28, 2020.

The First Officer and I are also going to be selecting the Post of the Month. So if you have post that really stands out to you, please PM it to me and Lt Commander Shrike, on this site so that we can take a look at it. Please PM us any by November 28, 2020.

Thank you all! You are all doing an amazing job with this story! Once we finish, we will be starting our holiday mission! Which I know you are all super excited for!

Looking forward to your nominations and posts!

Commander Greg Watney


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Category: Out of Character