-18+ rating rules:

- The sim year is currently 2156

- Earth is still their own governement of United Earth. The Ceres served United Earth Starfleet. The United Federation of Planets is not yet formed.

- Alien races will be limited, and NOT within Starfleet ranks, will be in their government's rank. (Ex. T'Pol) This number will be based on how many human PCs are on board.
Alien Positions Remaining: 1

- Every Bio must have a picture once accepted. If you need assistance editing them into a uniform, I would love to help you out with that!

- Please make your characters original as possible. Original names, original ships in service record, original ideas in your history, and anything else to make the character stand out!

- Sample posts are REQUIRED, these will help the Command Team (Commanding Officer and First Officer) to determine your rank and if you would be a good fit for the sim.

- No contact, friendship, or familial relationship with any named character in any of the Star Trek movies, books, television series, etc. This is non-negotiable.

- Be realistic. For example, if you are 22 years old, you won't be started out any higher that Ensign. Since Officers generally are in Academy for 4 years, and if you joined at 18, you would be fresh, and probably not a department head. Just as an example. Talk to me if you want to talk about this.

- Every player must do 1 post (Not personal log) every 2 weeks.

- Every player is allowed 5 PNPCs, and as many NPCs that they can handle. NPCs will be cleaned out once a month. (Cleaned out means, if they are not being used, they will be deleted.) PNPCs and NPCs must do at least 1 post a month.

- Please look at the position description for the positions minimum rank or talk to the CO.

- All department heads must have previous experience in their field.

-First Officer has a second position that is their primary position. They can fill it with any position on the manifest, other than MACO Detachment Commander. Please keep this in mind. Should the CO leave the ship, the First Officer's duty is to command the vessel. Their other position will be filled by another officer or NCO in their department until the CO can again take command.