Welcome to the Starship Ceres NX-10!

The Earth-Romulan War has begun! The United Earth Starfleet and it's allies are under attack against the Romulan Star Empire. Though they have never seen their faces, they have seen their ships and what terror they can give the most experienced crew. The S.S. Ceres is one of the newest NX Refit class starship released from drydock, and is equipped with experimental technology.

The Ceres has new experimental Quad Phase Canon, that fires four bursts, instead of a continuous beam. It is also equipped with a new experimental deflector shield technology, though the power levels required, they can’t use them all the time. Using these tools, the Ceres will help fight the Romulans and protect Earth and the Coalition.

Come join us as we fight to protect Earth from this threat.

S.S. Ceres 2020 Fleet Awards

Commander Gregory Watney
Commanding Officer

Lt. Commander Silas Shrike
First Officer
Chief Science Officer

Recruitment Spotlight

Top Open Positions

Helm Officer
Shuttle Pod Pilot

Chief Support Officer
Engineering Chief
Damage Control Specialist

Sensor Technician
Science Officer
Medical Officer

First Sergeant
Field Medic
Heavy Weapons Specialist

All other crew positions are open and encouraged to fill! We also offer Cadet positions in each department.

Current Mission

Sim Rating: 18+

RPG Rating 2 2 2

Latest News Items

» S.S. Ceres December 2020 Report

Posted on Fri Jan 1st, 2021 @ 9:04pm by Commander Gregory Watney in Monthly Report

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all had a great Christmas and holiday this last month, and hope you all have/had a Happy New Year! Because of the holidays, it has been a slower month, BUT we have a lot of active posts in the works, so I expect to see an influx of posts for our January report! So here we go!

New Crew

This month we gained 4 new players! Please welcome, again...
Major T'Scaal - Counselor
Lieutenant JG Oliver Torres - Chief Communications Officer
Crewman 2nd Class Gregory Richardson - Corpsman
Cadet Senior Grade Kiyoshi Shingoen - M.A.C.O. Cadet


This month, I decided to forgo awards, as I forgot to set it up. So my bad! I will do better this month!

Mission and Posting Stats

Current Mission Title:
Holiday Special: Up on the Shiptop
Episode 2: The Base

So, as we all talked on the Discord channel, we are going to be running the Holiday Special and Episode 2 simultaneously, due to interest levels dropping. So we will be keep on keeping on!

Total Number of Posts This Month: 18
Great job everyone! It's a little lower than November, but like I said, you guys are doing a lot of writing! And we will blow January's report out of the water! So let's keep up the great work!

Post of the Month submission:

For post of the month, I was a little selfish... As I went through the posts for December there were a lot of great posts that were written, but I had to go with the intro post for the holiday special. You know, Greg dancing naked in his quarters to Mariah Carey, yeah that one!


Goals for January

So our goals for January are going to be wrapping up Episode 1 and the Holiday Special. For the website, I want to go through the rest of the positions and add minimum ranks to each of them. My goals for you all is let's try to do some Personal Logs this month. Personal Logs are written IC, and in the first person. So like you are recording something. I think this would be fun to see what is going on in your character's head at a certain time. It can be about anything going on with your character. (This is not mandatory)

Keep up the great work people! If you have any questions, let the Command Team know!

» Welcome Lt JG Torres

Posted on Sat Dec 12th, 2020 @ 7:55pm by Commander Gregory Watney in General News

Everyone please welcome Lt JG Oliver Torres to the Ceres! Welcome aboard!

» S.S. Ceres November 2020 Report

Posted on Mon Nov 30th, 2020 @ 4:39am by Commander Gregory Watney in Monthly Report

Hey Everyone!
This has been our first month in Pegasus Fleet! This has been a fantastic Month for us all! And it's all thanks to you guys!

New Crew

At the begining of the month, we grew by one crew member. Let's welcome her again!

Michelle Victoria Hanley - Deputy Detachment Commander


Now, onto awards! This is the most exciting part! So here we go!

CO's Merit: Evelyn Cogley
Evelyn is our Chief Helm Officer, and she writes her character with ease, and easily inserts tags into places,
even though most of her mission tag are to move the ship. I highly command her for that!

XO's Merit: Saul Whitford
Saul is a good writer. He is really focusing on character development, and he is very active on both the sim
and on our discord server.

Crew's Choice Award: Saul Whitford
Saul was voted in my the crew for Crew's Choice Award! Here is what your fellow crewmates had to say about you!

"Fantastic lead on a large joint post!"
"Been enjoying writing with them"
"Good writer, fun to have around"

Mission and Posting Stats

Current Mission Title: Episode 1: New Toys to Play With

Our current mission is going great! I am so proud of all of you and the amazing work that we are doing together. I am super excited for what you guys can come up with to help out with this mission. Let's keep it going!

Total Number of Posts This Month: 35
WOW! Can I just say WOW! I never expected this in our first month, and can I just say that it is extremely awesome that we had such a great month. Thank you all. This couldn't have been done without you. Let's keep it up.

Post of the Month submission:

This month, I read through the posts that were posted, and they were all good. I decided on the post, Deimos in Trouble - Part 3 by Major Quinten Brody & Lieutenant Alexander Berkel & Captain Michelle Hanley & Lieutenant JG Saul Whitford & Sergeant Major Emmar Wolff & Gunnery Sergeant Ronan Danvers & Crewman, 2nd Class Eliane Carter

I chose this post, because it was written really well! Saul lead the post in an awesome way. He helped retake the freighter Deimos, and get the mission almost wrapped up!


Goals for December

So, something else that I want to include in these reports is my goals for the next month. For December, I would like us to continue as we have been! Keep posting, and moving on our mission. We will be moving on to our holiday mission soon! I am super excited for this mission, and I hope you all feel the same way too!

Keep up the great work people! If you have any questions, let the Command Team know!

» Awards Time!

Posted on Mon Nov 23rd, 2020 @ 3:18am by Commander Gregory Watney in Out of Character

Hello crew of the S.S. Ceres! It is that time of the month that we are getting ready for awards!

I am again asking you guys to vote for Crew's Choice Award for the month of November! Use this link to vote for your choice for the Crew's Choice Award! Please cast your vote by November 28, 2020.

The First Officer and I are also going to be selecting the Post of the Month. So if you have post that really stands out to you, please PM it to me and Lt Commander Shrike, on this site so that we can take a look at it. Please PM us any by November 28, 2020.

Thank you all! You are all doing an amazing job with this story! Once we finish, we will be starting our holiday mission! Which I know you are all super excited for!

Looking forward to your nominations and posts!

Commander Greg Watney

» Mission 1! YAY!

Posted on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 3:51am by Commander Gregory Watney in Sim Announcement

Hey everyone!
We are going to be moving on quickly! On the 24th (My time. Pacific Time) I will be closing down Mission Day 1, and we will be starting Mission Day 3. You have 28 hours to finish up all Mission Day 1 posts. Then Mission Day 2, we will have till the beginning of the week.

Mission Day 3 is when we leave dry dock and head for Porrima!

Happy writing!

Latest Mission Posts

» Admirals, Romulans, and Nerves... Oh my!

Mission: Episode 1: New Toys to Play With
Posted on Mon Sep 14th, 2020 @ 2:17am by Rear-Admiral Amos Leslie & Commander Gregory Watney

The ship sat at a distance from the shipyard. The Commander sat in his office facing the window that looks out of his office. He was due to go over and do the final inspection before they leave in two days. The Romulans weren't going to wait for the ship…

» New 'Old Friends'

Mission: Episode 1: New Toys to Play With
Posted on Mon Sep 21st, 2020 @ 4:49am by Commander Gregory Watney & Lieutenant Frenda Seivelun

Lieutenant Frenda Seivelun, a petite blonde haired woman just turned thirty sighed as she was hanging up her clothes into the wardrobe of her quarters. Her new assignment, the Chief Engineer of the SS Ceres, Starfleets newest starship was one she had worked hard for. For the last two weeks…

» Marching Orders

Mission: Episode 1: New Toys to Play With
Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 3:45am by Lieutenant JG Evelyn Cogley

Evelyn Cogley received a confirmation of her orders with a few scant days left in her enforced medical leave. The orders were hand delivered by an aide from Admiral Leslie's office. She didn't know much about Leslie, though the name had cropped up a few times. Not as famous as…

» Caged Birds

Mission: Episode 1: New Toys to Play With
Posted on Fri Sep 18th, 2020 @ 5:57am by Lieutenant Commander Silas Shrike & Commander Gregory Watney

Sitting in his ready room, a message popped up on his screen. Lieutenant Commander Silas Shrike's Shuttle Pod is on approach. He stood up from his chair, and rebuttoned his uniform and left the ready room.

Greg walked into the shuttle bay, and stood inside the control room as the…

» Senior Staff Luncheon

Mission: Episode 1: New Toys to Play With
Posted on Sat Sep 26th, 2020 @ 3:46am by Commander Gregory Watney & Lieutenant Commander Silas Shrike & Major Quinten Brody & Lieutenant Frenda Seivelun & Lieutenant Alexander Berkel & Lieutenant JG Evelyn Cogley & Lieutenant Saul Whitford

Greg walked into the conference room. He smiled as he approached the long table. There were trays of sandwiches, chips, pitchers of water, carafes of coffee all laid out on the table. The galley crew had outdone themselves. This would be the first time that he would meet the Senior…